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March 1, 2017


Unfinished wood is probably my most favorite thing ever!  It’s like a clean slate…so many possibilities!  As a craft blogger I feel it is my duty to paint, craft and cover all unfinished wood  ha ha.  And the very best part?  These only take about 10 minutes to make!  I can always get behind a quick and easy craft.  Find out how I painted these little guys

When I saw these wood boxes at IKEA, I instantly knew I wanted to paint them with some fun colors, it’s like they were just asking for it ;)  I also loved the structure of the boxes.  They are so versatile and study.  You can use them as party decor, storage, or even some cute decor for your home.  They will definitely hold up and you can paint them to match whatever works best for you and your style…mine obviously needed to be extremely colorful ha!

Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes ( I liked using bigger flatter brushes because it helped me paint faster)
IKEA boxes

-When painting these wood boxes picking colors are KEY!  I seriously struggled with this for awhile until I found a combo I LOVED!  Also choosing an odd number of colors will give the box a fun effect, each color will alternate on a large and small panel. If you want it more uniform then choose an even number.
-Next Pick a color and count out your wood panels.  It’s sooooo much easier to just paint one color all at once.
-Let dry and you are done!

Probably the cutest and easiest DIY ever, am I right?? ha ha So get to IKEA and get painting ;)DIY-steps--Painted-Wood-BoxDIY-painted-wood-box-perfect-for-parties-or-just-cute-storage---

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  • What a difference some paint makes! These look fab. I’m going to look out for those boxes on my next ikea trip.