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March 21, 2017

DIY-painted-Easter-EggsSimple-Painted-Easter-Egg-DIYIt’s Easter Egg time!!  I don’t think I will ever be too old to dye eggs, every year I love it just as much as my kids.  All the bright colors and the imperfections of each dyed egg.  Its just so fun.  I can’t pretend I wasn’t a little giddy to die my own eggs for this project without my kids ha ha.  And since these were “my” eggs I took it a step farther and painted them as well.  These DIY brushstroke painted Easter Eggs takes about 10 minutes total to paint, which is equally awesome.
Find the whole DIY below.

-Dyed Eggs
White Acrylic Paint

-Once your dyed eggs have completely dried they are ready to paint.  (TIP: If you store them in the fridge before painting them make sure you leave them out till they stop sweating and are dry before painting, otherwise the paint will run)
-Use a paintbrush with a point so its easy to paint the small egg.
-Then make brushstrokes in a line from the top of the egg to the bottom and then continue around till the whole egg is painted.  You will want to paint one side first, let dry and then paint the other side.DIY-Steps-to-painting-an-Easter-Egg

This DIY is so pretty and takes no time at all :)  Happy Painting!


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