DIY-fun-and-colorful-pom-pom-party-hatsColoful-party-hat-DIYI feel like its been WAY too long since I made anything with pom poms.  I have a lot of colored yarn that has just been waiting to be used, so these party hats gave me my fix.  They just require already made paper party hats, colorful yarn and paint.  You can make them in any color combination too.   I have decided that a pom pom party hat is making an appearance at my next party, otherwise Ill probably be wearing these around the house.  I kind of love them that much ha ha.DIY-birthday-party-hatscolorful-party-hatsparty-hat-diySUPPLIES:
-Plain party hats ( I got mine from target)
Foam Pouncers
Acrylic Paint
Pom Pom Maker (You will need the TINY pom pom makers)
Glue Gun

-Take foam pouncer and stamp polka dots onto the party hats.
-Make different colored pom poms, you can see a tutorial on how to do that here.  I have to admit they can be time consuming, so you can always go the quicker route and buy some pom poms.
-Glue pom poms around bottom of the party hat using a hot glue gun.
-Go party it up

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22 thoughts on “POM POM PARTY HAT DIY

    Adorable! Back to school pom pom hats are in my near future! :)

    Oh i LOVE the idea of those hats for a back to school party! you have to do it now ;) xox


    These party hats are so fun and cute! We’ll have to make some for our daughter’s birthday next week!



    Oh I hope you did! I want to see pics xoxox

    Steph Bauer

    So cute and colorful! I love that you can so easily customize them!!

    totally!!! any color combo!


    These are so fun! The colors are my favorite kind of happy. Also, clearly you are the cutest thing ever. Just sayin’.

    ha ha ha I can’t pretend it wasn’t awkward taking those photos outside with people walking by. I looked like all kind of crazy! but thanks xoxoxox

    Fun!!! I love pompoms!

    pom poms are my weakness


    So cute! :)

    ISOSCELLA | http://isoscella.blogspot.co.uk

    Awe thanks Isoscella!!!

    YAY I am not the only one obsessed with pom poms :) I’ve been going somewhat pom-pom crazy, doing one craft after the other using these little fluff-balls! Now I know what I’ll be doing with the ones I have left over… great idea, this looks super cute!

    x motte


    ha ha you are NOT alone!! they are so dang cute and easy to make it is a legit addiction! Im glad we think alike xoxox