A-fun-bathroom-storage-DIY-and-tips-to-keeping-an-organized-bathroomCute bathroom storage DIY

My husband will probably laugh when he reads this post because … well … I’M talking about organization??  I have an interesting system where I physically can not put something away unless it has a place.  So things stay cluttered until they have a designated area.  Hence my pretty cluttered life.  BUT I’m working on it guys!  Also there is the little problem of living in a small space!  I have mentioned here and here the trials and issues that come with apartment living, and for sure the biggest one is small space and lack of storage.  It can be rough, especially when you are storing four people’s worth of stuff in one tiny bathroom.  Tricky tricky tricky.

Although I am for sure not the guru for storage and organization, I have learned some helpful tips to stay organized and prevent too much clutter (because if you know me there will always be a LITTLE clutter).  I have teamed up with Cottonelle Mega Roll to bring you some way cute DIY bathroom storage bins and a few tips for saving space and staying organized.
1.  Toss things you don’t use.
This one is hard for me because I always have the “but what if I need it one day” mentality.  But lets be realistic guys, if you haven’t used it in a few months it’s good and done.  I’m talking about old used hair ties to weird smelling lotion or even random shampoos.  I feel like I’ll buy something, not like it, then hold on to it forever!

2.  Buy Smart.
When you don’t have a lot of space buying smart is SUPER important.  You want to buy things that will go a long way but not take up too much space.  I love the Cottonelle Mega Rolls, 4 rolls in 1 is such a life saver!!  I can get so much more without having to use up extra space in my tiny bathroom.

3.  Get Creative.
I think in small spaces getting creative with the room you have can be so helpful.  Finding new ways to hang towels, displaying cotton balls and swabs on the counter in cute jars, using the area above the toilet to hang and organize things.  Every corner or area can be a spot for something.

4.  Storage containers are key.
Nothing helps me stay more organized than having specific storage spaces for things.  Everything in its place, because it actually has a place!  Style and function are important for me as well.  I want the storage to be cute, yet functional.  That way I am excited to use it.  When I don’t have a special spot for things they just get tossed in with who knows what, and the clutter begins.

Now let’s cute up some storage!
-Storage baskets (I got mine from the container store)
-Acrylic Paint
-Foam Pouncers
-Mod Podge
-Paint Brush

-Take out your smallest pouncer.
-Dip in paint and start stamping.  When you stamp slightly spin the pouncer from side to side to get even paint coverage.
-Continue stamping until your pattern is finished.
-Let the paint dry.
-Once dried take out your mod podge and paint over the design only.  I did about two coats.
-Let dry and then fill with all your bathroom supplies! painted-storage-bucketA-fun-and-easy-DIY-bathroom-storage

This post was in sponsorship with Cottonelle.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help Tell Love and Party party on.

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    These are adorable =] great idea


    That is a fantastic idea! I love those adorable dots at the bottom imitating bathroom tiles!

    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    These are so fun and cute! And easy! Which are always my personal favorite kinds of crafts!


    Sara! The styling for these is killer! :heart eyes: Loving the cute polka dots. And I am in a small apartment too, I don’t know how you manage with kids too! (We can barely fit with just two humans and three cats!)


    I love these! Such a fun idea and I love these colors.