Removable-Wallpaper-DIYRenting can get frustrating, guys – as you have heard me complain here and here ha ha. I have soooo many things I want to do, paint, new flooring (because my brown carpet makes me want to vomit), updated kitchen, and getting rid of ugly popcorn ceiling.  But allas (sigh) renting allows me to do none of this.  It can get discouraging but there are lots of tricks to bypass the frustration and to get a home and space you love.  One of those is removable wallpaper.  It’s basically a game changer.  The fact that you can instantly change the look of an entire room in a beautiful non-permanent way is so amazing, and leaves you with your deposit ha – which I know we all strive for.  Check out how I transformed this boring wall into my most complimented room in the house.

Walls-need-love-wallpaperwalls-need-love-room-redoFirst is picking out the removable wallpaper.  Walls Need Love is amazing, their designs are just beautiful and the quality is wonderful!  I decided on the pixel diamond design because I wanted it to compliment the painted piano, and it did just that.  I LOOOOOVE how it turned out.  I am not kidding when I say I get more compliments on that wall and wallpaper than anything I have ever owned or made ha ha.  The best part is?!  It’s so easy to put up.  As you can see below, you can even do it 9 months pregnant ha ha – which was me here.  No sweat, well maybe a little (I mean i was carrying an 9 pound baby in there.)  I must say I am a sucker for a good before and after.  And this one will not disappoint and the best part?  No tearing down walls, no construction and NO endless Saturdays spent redoing stuff.  It took me about an hour to put up and tada … a whole new room.  I am honestly looking for other rooms to add wallpaper to because cream painted walls (which I have now) are not my jam, guys.
before and after removable wallpaperdiy painted pianoWalls-need-love-installation

Next was our piano.  Painting it was such a challenge, I couldn’t figure out what color I wanted and then finally settled on black (funny because I love color so much).  But black seemed so sleek and traditional.  So we taped things off and got painting.  I used a chalk paint and topped it off with wax.  It was super easy and only took half a Saturday to paint and finish.  That painted piano and Walls Need Love wallpaper made this my favorite part of the house.

So all you renters our there OR any of you home owners that just can’t commit to permanent wallpaper, I am telling you….this is the answer!  It is easy, beautiful and can really transform any room!  Now get wallpapering (is that a thing? cause if not I am making it one!)  Give me all the removable wallpaper cause I will cover my house in it ha ha.Removable-Wallpaper-DIY

This post is in partnership with Walls Need Love.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Tell Love and Party going.

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    Too fun, Sara!!


    That’s a beautiful wallpaper, and it fits perfectly!

    Thanks!! It was for sure my favorite!

    Laura Blanton

    Oh man! I so want to see a pulled back shot of that room with the wall paper up! (Like your before photo) It looks great, and I love how the rug in the next room over mimics the same pattern in an oversized way. Diggin’ your styled shots there mama: (in my opinion) plants + art make a room !

    Thanks Laura! ha ha I totally agree :) plants + Art are the very best! I know ha ha Im so sorry I should have taken a more wide angle shot

    This is an amazing idea! I have never heard of removable wallpaper before but will definitely be giving it a go now. Your room looks stunning, congrats!

    Thanks Holly!! You are so sweet! I know ha ha it’s a game changer for sure! Its the fun of having wallpaper with out the scary fact that it could be permanent and its so easy to install ;)