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July 13, 2015

What spells out “Happy Birthday” better than the letters themselves?  I came across some awesome plastic alphabet beads a while back, and knew that I wanted to make something with them.  They are so glorious, the little kid in me just wanted to make necklaces all day but, cute party cake toppers was the answer.  An alphabet bead cake topper to be exact and the best part of all…you can spell out anything you want.  So whatever party you are planning, your cake will never be speechless again.  DIY-Happy-Birthday-Cake-topperSome-fun-and-colorful-ideas-of-cake-toppers

The cake toppers combined with these DIY treat bags from last week are so perfect together.  Add some colored plates, silverware, fun treats and you have the most colorfully adorable party ever.  Just my type ;)_A-colorful-birthday-party-idea

Alphabet bead cake topperA-fun-and-colorful-Happy-Birthday-cake-topperBirthday-party-DIY-ideas


Plastic pony beads
-Different colored spray paint
Fishing line

1.  Gather up your supplies
2.  Spell out what words you want to create and what letters are what colors.  Spray paint.
3.  Take some of the fishing line and start to string together your phrase.
4.  Tie the phrase onto the skewers and you are done!  I found it was easiest to tie on the fishing line to the skewers once they are in the cake.


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  • isoscella

    Love this idea!


  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    I want to do this for my kids birthdays next month!


  • Super cute! And all of these colors are such a dream!

  • Hp20508

    Ommmmg that is so cute and so sweet :D I love it ^.^ And I am big fan of colorful things so I am in love with this cake :)) Thanks for sharing :D