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July 12, 2016

Easy-and-fun-Cake-toppersEasy-and-fun-Party-Cake-toppersCupcakes are pretty dang cute all on their own, but add some fun toppers and they might be the cutest dessert EVER.  These colorful and super simple DIY tissue paper cupcake toppers only take a few min to make.  I also needed an excuse to buy a bunch of cupcakes…because DIY’s like this mean I get to eat the props and THAT is always my very favorite part.  Learn how to make these fun toppers for your next celebration.cup-cake-topperscolorful-cupcake-toppersparty-cupcake-topper---Easy-and-Cute-Cupcake-TopperSUPPLIES
Tissue Paper
(This kind is my very favorite!  It is thick enough to cut but thin enough to still be tissue paper.  I use it for so many different crafts)
Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors
Glue Stick
Wood Skewers
Martha Stewart Scissorssupplies -Cut out strips of tissue paper.  I cut out two strips per topper.
-Cut them with your fringe scissors.
-Glue the bottoms together (not the fringe part).
-Add some glue along the bottom of your cut tissue paper and start to wrap around your wood skewer.
-Once its all wrapped, give it a few min to dry.
-Fluff out the the top and trim it down if needed.
-Then cut your skewer down to size, depending on the size of your cupcake, or how high you want it.

I also used this same technique when I did tissue paper wrapping ideas :)  So you can mix colors as well.

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