When we moved into our new place last fall I was sooooo excited to have my own craft/studio room.  A place to call mine, to make huge messes (which I do often), take pictures, and to store all my hoarded party supplies.  Before my craft room, my crafting supplies were everywhere, it was a nightmare.  Although I call the room “MY craft room” for some strange reason the kids LOVE to play in there ha ha.  I have caught them numerous times standing on things they shouldn’t, using things they shouldn’t, and well making even MORE of a mess (I had no idea that was possible, I am pretty dang messy).  I love my little kiddos and their love to “help mom” or create things of their own, BUT it can cause more harm sometimes.  There are way too many things to get into that are not safe…scissors, glue, tiny pins, sharpies, sewing needles, x-acto knives, hot glue gun the list just goes on and on.  So as a crafty mom of 3 curious and busy boys I needed to figure out a way to encourage them but still protect them and my things.  So I am sharing two awesome and safe tips on crafting with kids to help keep those little hands off your stuff but still fuel their crafty side.

First is to create a “craft box” just for the kids!  This is sometimes my biggest issue.  They want to use MY glue, MY scissors, MY hole punch etc.  I want them to come and create with me, but at the same time some of my crafting supplies are dangerous AND always get misplaced.  The key to creating a craft box for your kids is to include things that they love of yours, but in kid form.  You want them to grab their craft box and have all the supplies they need to get crafting and be excited to use it.  The best part is you can change it up, throw in some stickers one day, foam sheets, puffy paint or felt so that each crafting day is new and fun.
You also want to include some of the important basics:
pencils/ crayons
Colorful-craft-suppliesI promise you they will love it!
DIY-craft-boxPersonalize the craft box with this easy DIY.  Whether you add their names or just label whats inside, it is a fun way to make it special.

Plastic Box (I got a small size)
Letter Stickers
Paint (optional)
The white letters were a little too boring for me so I painted them different colors.steps-to-make-a-craft-box-2Once the letters have dried peel and stick onto the box.steps-to-make-a-craft-boxThe kids will love their own craft boxes and it will keep them safer while still letting them be creative!
Second is a baby gate!  Baby gates are a life saver.  Right now my boys are older but the gate still adds that extra “no” factor to the room that I love.  And soon when my littlest is crawling and shoving everything possible in his mouth, this gate will be everything! Im not a huge fan of baby gates that you have to constantly keep installing or stepping over so the Vibe gate from Munchkin is perfection. The color is SO me and fits perfectly into my bright room, I can keep the door open and still keep the kiddos out, the design is modern and its super functional with its swinging door.
Now I have more control over when I want the boys in there creating with me or when I need them to stay out.  Ha ha regardless of those sad faces they give you, you need those little hands to stay away from the things that could hurt them.

Im telling you, these two tips will be a game changer and Im happy to say we are crafting a little bit safer and me a little bit happier ha!

This post is in sponsorship with Munchkin.  Thanks for supporting the brands that help Tell Love and Party work.

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    This looks like a great way to distract little hands away from precious craft supplies. For my little girl I would have to add stickers.