I have been meaning to give my office space a makeover for SOOOOOOO long.  This is the first place we have lived where I get my own space which was SO exciting.  Also I think my husband was thanking his lucky stars, because his life was being taken over by crafts and supplies.  But once we moved I got so sick from my pregnancy that the desire to do anything, let alone decorate, was gone.  But after a few months of morning sickness its finally done!!  It’s small and we are renting so I cant go crazy (although I WISH I could paint those beige walls so much I want to scream ha ha) but I love how everything turned out!  And if you can’t tell…I went crazy with color.  But if this is going to be my space for inspiration,  then it needed lots of color.Clever-ways-to-organize-your-officeFun-storage-ideas-for-you-office

Storage was the biggest issue.  The closet in the room was sooo tiny so I needed to store some things around the room.  I found this white storage unit at IKEA and loved how cheap it was and could be used in different ways.  I can put huge bins in there but there is also room to hang my garlands and shelf space for smaller storage.  Basically its great!

IKEA shelving unit
Glass Storage Jars with lids
Basket (from IKEA, although I’m not sure they sell them anymore?)
Painted boxes
Magazine Boxes
The big white plastic bins I also got at IKEA, but I can’t find them online, so they might be gone as well.  Although you could use other plastic bins.

Next I needed to figure out my desk area.  Well, like I said, we rent so painting walls can get complicated.  We can probably do it…but then there is the whole hassle of having to repainting it when we leave or pay a bunch out of our deposit to repaint.  SO I came up with a small alternative.  I wanted some sort of color on the wall, so I went to Home Depot, bought a huge piece of flat and thin wood, painted it and nailed it to the wall.  Ta Da, a sort of painted wall.  It gives the pop of color this room needs.  Then I hung some frames and it was done!

White Desk from IKEA
Yellow Fiber Glass Shell Chair from Modernica (I am a little obsessed with it)
“You Are My Happy” print
Lemon Print
Lemon stamped print is actually just wrapping paper that I cut and fit to the frame.  I loved it and thought it gave the right pop of pink.
Pen and Scissor Wood Geo Containers
Pom Pom Party Hats
Washi Tape ClockColorful-and-fun-office-decorFun,-cheap-and-easy-art-to-hang-in-your-office-or-anywhere-in-your-houseGet-organized-in-your-office-with-these-fun-and-colorful-storage-ideasFun-and-colorful-wrapping-paper,-in-a-bright-and-fresh-office-redoA-fun-and-colorful-office-redo-and-design.--Great-for-if-you-are-renting I really am so happy with my fun office space.  I LOVE color and most definitely would not decorate my whole house like this, but when it comes to my office/ craft room/ place to be inspired, it needs all the color it can get :)

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    It’s so fun and pretty. I would definitely move into this space!


    So colorful and happy! Love that you painted a piece of wood for your blue wall. I rent also and have a non painted large piece of wood behind my entry table for the same kind of reason!

    Angela Mary

    Hi Sara,
    You have a new follower on Pinterest! I love bright colors and I just wrote a post on Office Organization. lkea has always been my go-to for all my colorful storage boxes. You have done a beautiful job! I stay in a rented apartment too. I know how hard it can be to make it beautiful knowing that one day you will have to shift out of there.