I can’t get enough of this fruit fad.  So many cute fruit DIY’s floating around, so I thought I would add another to the mix.  It’s a tiny fruit garland!  Yep tiny…because anything miniaturized is way cuter.  So whip up some mini watermelons, kiwi’s and oranges with this fun DIY.  Now go get your fruit fix!

Colored Foam Sheets
Fiskars 1″ thick material punch
-White and Orange Acrylic Paint
-Black Sharpie
-Pencil (with new eraser)
-Paint Brush
Bakers Twine
Glue Gun

1.  Cut out circles of pink green and yellow using the thick materials hole punch.  Then cut the circles in half.
2.  Take the black sharpie and draw seeds onto the pink half circles to make watermelons
3.  Paint white onto the green half circles
4.  Draw black seeds with the sharpie, around the white to make them look like kiwi’s
5.  To make the orange slices cut the top of a pencil eraser into a triangle.
6.  Dip the pencil stamp into paint and stamp onto yellow circles
7.  Hot glue the fruit pieces onto the bakers twine.Steps-to-make-a-cute-fruit-garland


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6 thoughts on “TINY FRUIT GARLAND

    This is such a nice idea! I love this summer garland.

    Thanks! ha ha I need to try and hold on to summer as long as possible. I will probably be sporting this garland mid November ha ha


    This garland is so cute and I love all the bright colors!



    Thanks so much Paige!! xo

    This is SOOOO cute!!

    Thanks Stephanie :) ha ha anything miniaturized is instantly cute, am I right ;)